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Welcome to BiTFX Global

We are very proud as a Community and the industry we represent and by joining us brings to you a great opportunity for wealth that is not available for the ordinary trader on the Global Market. 80-90% of Traders ends up loosing in trading and it’s no more getting better.

We have gone beyond calculating your profits and losses by creating for you an environment to build true wealth as a Cryptocurrency and Forex Trader.

Our AI trade systems produce consistent profits above industry average returns and when combined with our diversified Blockchain Incubator program and exchange platform in development.


Beyond Profits

Blockchain Incubation Pool

Creating a Pool of trades through research, diversification, development and direct partnerships.

BitFx Participates in early Coin offering through the Application of Smart Contract, Buys, Hold and Exit at the early stage of Coin offering to the public.

A Smart secret way for institutional investors that is not available for the ordinary trader. Investing with profits of the profit is one of the key strategic development of our growth.

Artificial Intelligent Trading

Half a decade of development in trading Forex and Stocks.

The trade team brings together a combined experienced in AI development and technology, profiting from the Volatility of Forex, Commodities and now Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Etherum and over 90 Altcoins trading and exchange.

Profits, Consistency and Risk are the major parameters of achieving major outputs for our Community members across the world.

Exchanged Platforms

Wondering how the financial industries revolves in decades of profits and sustainability?

The secret is in trading and ownership. When you own the markets,you determine the profits. By discovering this secret, BitFx revenues keeps soaring for its members even through period of uncertainty and high Volatility.

Currently under development to launch its own trading platform through an ICO, the sky is just your beginning.

Expanding Possibilities, Achieving the Impossible


Choose us for the reasons below.

AI Technology

Our unique trading algorithm is the latest developments in Capital management.

AI trading is the future of Cryptocurrency profits making. We trade major and minor coins across multiple trading platforms focusing much more on Volatility and exchange.


80-90% looses to the market due to several factors and especially with no market experience during Volatility period.

BFG pools the crowd resources and in volumes trading produces consistent results for members through application of its AI technology

Safe and Secure

Security and sustainability is the key consideration to our establishment. We run on a fully dedicated Server in a secured environment, malware protection and positive SSL to infiltrate all DDo attacks.


Choose your preferred plan.