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BitFx Global is a Fintech institution registered offshore to provide research, financial partnerships to blockchain startups and in housed developers in AI Application in trading.

The organization has been in the lead by creating a Community of

Researchers, Traders, Developers, financiers and Marketers across the globe.

Spending almost half a decade in developing its unique grade A classified trade algorithm on the stock and Forex Market, it has now applied its technology through Artificial Intelligent trading to Crypto currencies, mainly Bitcoin and Etherum as well as positioned itself as a Global Capital Venture in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) incubation.

BitFx Global provides you with the smart way to earn in the Crypto currency Market.

The three core objectives of BITFX Global are;

  1. To help you create an alternative source of income
  2. Profit from the crypto currency market and to create an opportunity for you to own your own crypto currencies without the added risk of your investment depreciating in value due to the fall of the coins
  3. To help you attain financial freedom!


Choose us for the reasons below.

AI Technology

Our unique trading algorithm is the latest developments in Capital management.

AI trading is the future of Cryptocurrency profits making. We trade major and minor coins across multiple trading platforms focusing much more on Volatility and exchange.


80-90% looses to the market due to several factors and especially with no market experience during Volatility period.

BFG pools the crowd resources and in volumes trading produces consistent results for members through application of its AI technology

Safe and Secure

Security and sustainability is the key consideration to our establishment. We run on a fully dedicated Server in a secured environment, malware protection and positive SSL to infiltrate all DDo attacks.